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All our masks are 100% customizable. As well as having over 60 fabric options to choose from, you can pick your ear loop style and color (and whether you'd like it to be adjustable), or choose add-ons like a nose wire, overlays and trims, or decorative embroidery.

Ear Loop Customizations

NEW - we have a new customization option of black elastic ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOPS (add $2). Standard options are elastic ear loops in either black or white.

Adjustable Ear Loops

Adjustable Ear Loops

in black elastic

Nose Wire

At your request, we can add a flexible nose wire to your reversible mask. This add-on is ideal for glasses-wearers or those who prefer a more contoured fit.

Nose Wire example.jpg

Nose Wire

on Red with White Checks Fabric

Overlays, Trims, and Add-Ons

Choose from several customization options to level up your mask! Try some white lace trim to add that touch of elegance. Or maybe a tulle overlay for some added texture. Tulle overlays come in red, pink, black, or pink floral. And a cute small pink bow is the perfect finishing touch. 

White Lace Trim over Pink Check

White Lace Trim and Pink Bow

on Pink Check fabric

Embroidery Trim and Thread

If you’d like to spiff up your mask, try a decorative embroidered trim! We have dozens of stitching and thread color options to choose from that are guaranteed to set your mask apart from the rest.

Cow Print mask

White Thread

on Cow Print fabric

Have a specific idea for a customization that is not listed on the website? Reach out and we can collaborate on a design.